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About Our Services

We never stop learning, and a key factor in our continued training success is the utilization of advanced systems and technology. Keep reading to learn more about the services A Ban Exterminators in San Angelo, TX can provide for you!

Pest Control

It’s important to hire a professional pest control operator if you have pest issues that are too difficult to manage yourself, and if you are in this or in one of the neighboring areas, then you can be sure that we are the professionals you can trust!

Bee & Flea Removal

The sooner a colony of bees is removed after it has settled into a new home, cavity, or inconvenient position the better. Once you leave bees to settle they will immediately start building new combs and bees which have been in their nest for a number of years are more difficult and sometimes impossible to remove and are far more protective of their home!

Fleas are ectoparasites of animals, meaning they live on the outside of the body and need to feed on the blood to produce eggs. Fleas commonly feed and lay their eggs while the pet is sleeping, the pet’s resting areas are where the most fleas will be found. Our professionals are trained and experienced in removing these pests. Just turn to them today to learn more!

Quality Flea Removal

Flea Removal

Termite Control & Prevention

Our comprehensive termite control will help ensure your property is protected and includes:

  • Detailed, thorough inspections – inside & outside
  • Treatment options based on the need of your property
  • Annual check-ups to ensure no new termite activity has occurred

WDI Inspections

If you are buying, selling or refinancing your home, chances are you will need a “Wood Destroying Insect” (WDI) Inspection commonly known as a WDI Inspection. A WDI Inspection is a report we make which confirms there has been a termite inspection, we will document any visible and accessible evidence of infestation or damage by these wood-destroying insects. A Ban Exterminators in San Angelo, TX is a licensed, insured, and bonded company that provides WDI inspections. Call us at (325) 313-0543 for more information!

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